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Meet the Unit’s most recent recruits: Whisper and Ragnar

Today October 14th marks Ragnar’s second birthday!

Luther, his handler, considers him his "best friend"

Mid-August 2023, our Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit welcomed two more members to their team: Whisper and Ragnar, two Belgian Malinois dogs trained in South Africa, alongside our two Cobras Community Wildlife Protection scouts Smile and Luther, for 3 months. Read about Smile's training experience here

Ragnar, the slightly older male, is excitable and full of energy. His real strengths are in bite work and aggression. Whisper, the younger female, is much more discrete but very alert. She has demonstrated great skills in tracking and is very well disciplined.

It's been a bit of work getting the dogs and rhinos used to each other but they are slowly but surely starting to trust one another.

Both dogs bring great value to the team especially as we continue to expand and grow the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative.

Thank you to Monique De Beer for some of the above photos.

For more information about the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative, contact us here


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