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Sixteen new Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Scouts!

Sixteen more men from the local villages passed out as official Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Scouts on 7 December, witnessed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, as well as local chiefs and headmen and proud families and friends.

Four scouts were given special acknowledgement for their dedication to the training and all scouts received well deserved certificates.

These sixteen men from the local villages have undergone a thorough training course involving physical training, first aid, rhino monitoring, communications, rhino protection, environmental law, weapons handling, shooting...They have been able to learn and develop new skills, while supporting both the wildlife and people in their home areas.

The Cobras unit is growing as the Initiative continues to expand with the establishment of a second sanctuary area...More updates on that soon!

Thank you to Monique De Beer for some of the above photos.

For more information about the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative, contact us here


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