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Four weeks of Thuza and Kusasa

Exactly four weeks ago, the Imvelo Ngamo Wildlife Sanctuary and CRCI welcomed its first two rhino...the first two white rhino brought to communal land in Zimbabwe, ever in history.

Enjoy a few highlights of their arrival, and of the hours preceding it:

Video footage by Tomas Trayner and Duncan Watson. Editing by Tomas Trayner

Thuza and Kusasa continue to settle in and get more and more comfortable around the scouts. The most awaited part of their day is breakfast time, when the scouts bring out lucern, hay and grass for them to enjoy. In fact, they have gotten so used to their breakfast time that on occasion, they won't let us finish putting it out for them!

School children still come to visit and learn about the rhinos and the Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit on a daily basis. They are keen to find out more about their new neighbours and see these impressive creatures!

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