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The Cobra Run is back!

Join the Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit in a unique Rhino Run

through the Ngamo Plains!

The Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit scouts keep fit and ready to best protect the wildlife in southern Hwange, including their two community rhinos, as part of the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative (CRCI). This is your chance to accompany them on a run through the Ngamo Plains and through CRCI's first rhino sanctuary, featuring community rhinos Thuza and Kusasa.

In 2021, Imvelo Safari Lodges hatched an inaugural Cobra Run for active wildlife enthusiasts from all over Zimbabwe. In April 2022, some international guests joined in the fun and participated in a 30km run passing by lily-studded pans, visiting the villages of Nganyana and Ngamo and finally venturing through the Bomani Concession on their final leg.

The Cobras chanted and adjusted their pace to the runners - giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the views and wildlife, feel safe and develop a good sweat!

This year, with Thuza and Kusasa finally at home in the Imvelo Ngamo Sanctuary, the Cobra Run will take runners through the sanctuary and past these magnificent creatures, without getting too close. A unique experience for all!

Next year's Cobra "Rhino" run is taking place 21-23 April with runners staying at Camelthorn Lodge, Southern Hwange.

Proceeds raised by the run will go towards to Cobras Unit and the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative.

How to get involved?

Contact Imvelo Safari Lodges' reservations team for more information:

Contact us for more information on the CRCI project.


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