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Rhino improving local health!

A series of stories from Ngamo Clinic

In 2022, after becoming operational on 15 September 2022 (read more about this here ), Ngamo Clinic treated 852 patients. The operating costs of the new clinic are being covered by tourists paying to come and visit Thuza and Kusasa and find out about our Community Rhino Conservation Initiative.

15th September: the Clinic’s first ever patient.

Lindiwe Ndlovu, a 52 year old female from Ngamo Line, was stung by a scorpion on her index finger. She was given hydrocortisone, chlorpheniramine and a paracetamol, which did the trick and she did not need any further treatment.

16th October: Baby with pneumonia

Itai Moyo, the mother of Alex Sibanda (11 months), came to the clinic and the young boy was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. The Nurse in Charge, Doreen, ringed the Paediatrician at Tsholotsho District Hospital and the District Nursing officer. Both ordered the patient to be given intravenous drugs and monitored before being transferred. Alex’s condition improved and so he was admitted to the clinic and monitored. He quickly recovered and was discharged on 20 October.

27th-30th October: Oral polio vaccinations

The clinic nurses rolled out an oral polio vaccination programme. In early November, they carried out a mop up (door to door) campaign to vaccinate any villagers who had not made it to the clinic.

11th November: Wheelchair to the rescue

The nurses lent one wheel chair to Loreen Nkiwane, 11 year old girl from Nganyana village. She is physically handicapped. Her grandmother Angeline Nkiwane collected the wheelchair for the child in absentia with Lister Mpofu the village health worker. They have no means of transporting Loreen to visit the clinic herself. The wheelchair is not ideal to manoeuvre in the sand, but is useful to give the child a more comfortable chair.

21st November: Deworming exercise

Children aged 1 to 4 year and 11 months received albendazole for deworming. The village health worker was administering the medication while the Nurse in charge was documenting.

2nd December: New born visits

Andile Moyo, 16 years from Zandile line. Came 7 days after giving birth for a check-up. The clinic nurses regularly see young mothers with their new born to ensure both are keeping healthy.

Mid-December: Clothes distributions and HIV testing

Diagnosing HIV cases and providing much need medication and support to people affected continues to be a priority with frequent HIV testing.

Ngamo Clinic treated 852 people in 2022 and this was thanks to guests from around the world visiting Thuza and Kusasa. An amazing conservation and community development accomplishment, and an example of eco-tourism at its very best.

Above: Nurse in charge Doreen, Loreen Nkiwane and her wheelchair, Andile Moyo and new baby, polio vaccinations.


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