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Wilderness Travel guests remember their Hwange Rhino experience

A group of Wilderness Travel guests from the United States guests joined us in May 2022 to experience the translocation of the two first community rhino...They had a fun, eye-opening and inspiring experience! They were also quick to snatch up the opportunity to pick the final names of the two rhino and made extremely generous bids towards the names. Marc and Rochelle Armstrong won a bid to name the larger, 8 year old rhino (no. 803) and chose the name “Thuza” (meaning “to strike” in the local Ndebele language which, according to Chief Matupula who selected the name alludes to the rhino’s powerful position both physically and metaphorically). Tam and Rondell Wilson won the bid to name rhino no.204 and selected the name “Kusasa” (meaning “tomorrow” in the local Ndebele language because , as Headman Vukuzenzele said when he chose the name, the rhino represent a bright future for village children and grandchildren).

We very much enjoyed having these guests with us for this momentous occasion and hope they will visit again soon!

For more information about the Initiative, contact us here


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