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2 years of Thuza and Kusasa at Ngamo!

Thuza and Kusasa get to know the new K9 unit

Two trained malinois dogs were brought in to support the Cobras Community Wildlife Protection unit in their important work. Whisper and Ragnar joined the team in August and carry out daily patrols. They are a valuable part to the CRCI team.

Read more about this  here  

Thuza and Kusasa are visited by the Minister 

On February 8th 2024, Honourable Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndhlovu, by then Minister of Environment, Climate and Wildlife but now Minister of Industry and Commerce, officially commissioned the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative.

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Thuza and Kusasa get to know their new scouts

Sixteen recruited scouts have officially become Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit scouts and are joining the rest of the team in protecting Thuza and Kusasa 24/7. Some of them will be deployed at Mlevu sanctuary 2.

Read more about this  here  

Thuza and Kusasa get ready to welcome some neighbours

A newly established second sanctuary at Mlevu is set-up to accommodate more rhino just south west from Ngamo, along Hwange's boundary. A wildlife-proof fence, a scouts camp and 2 pumping boreholes are in place as CRCI expands into its second phase.

Thuza and Kusasa get to meet people from around the world

Thuza and Kusasa have continued to be visited by hundreds of people wanting to spend some time with them and their scouts. They have become regulars at Camelthorn Lodge, causing some minor disruptions as they walk around damaging lodge signs and steps!

Thuza and Kusasa are discovered by further communities 

Hundreds of villagers from a number of different communities have come and spent time with the community rhinos and the Cobras Community Wildlife Protection scouts at the Ngamo Sanctuary, learning about CRCI's importance, ambitions and benefits. 

Thuza and Kusasa provide research opportunities

Given the incredible rhino monitoring data the scouts are able to gather, the CRCI team, with the support of ecologists from the Malilangwe Trust, is able to carry out some very valuable research into rhino grazing and behaviour patterns.

Read more about this  here 

Thuza gets some TLC from vet Dr Foggin

The scouts reported Thuza's eyes as being infected and expert Dr Foggin was called to come and have a look. The heat and the flies were not helping the eyes recover properly and Dr Foggin administered some antibiotics to ensure that any infections would clear up quickly. 

Thuza and Kusasa become a highlight of Imvelo lodges

Imvelo's guides spent time with Thuza and Kusasa to ensure they provide guests with the best white rhino experience as possible! Guides and scouts are keen to share Thuza and Kusasa, and their story, with people from all over the world, and promote rhino conservation.

Thuza and Kusasa were enjoyed by their youngest oversees guest

Although many local children have spent time with the rhino, including Camelthorn Lodge's Siboe's son Zuzo, Beauden is our youngest oversees guest to visit them. May 22nd is a special day: two years of Thuza and Kusasa being at Ngamo and Beaudy's 1st birthday!


For more information about the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative, contact us here


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